MAREX - Your Permit and Inspection Connection


At Marex Canada, whether you're a home owner renovating your basement or a corporation building a new process facility, we have the industry knowledge, experience (including electrical hazardous area zone classifications) and staff to meet your needs. Our approach is to work with you, your contractors and designers, to guide you through the various processes and procedures within the safety codes system to bring your project to life. Through this unique integrated service, MAREX identifies areas of improvement and provides practical, value-added solutions by evaluating and promoting new practices, new applications and innovative technologies. Our services include corporate and municipal safety codes compliance monitoring in:

For commercial and industrial customers, Marex Canada also offers fabrication of Modular Electrical (skid) Units designed to your special site specific needs. Our experts have the years of experience in the industrial oil and gas industry to understand the difficulties you face and the conditions that these units have to operate under to be able to provide you with the unit that meets your needs.